The “one stop shop” for our wide range of clients for all heavy equipment needs for over 25 years.

The authorized dealers in Oman for IPD and American Crane & Tractor products,
We are a leading supplier of spare parts for a wide range of earthmoving equipment and diesel engines, with a major focus on CATERPILLAR® products.

Though we principally stock CATERPILLAR® replacement parts, we supply parts for any other brands within 5-7 days from date of confirmation, with most competitive price.

The special hand-picked and sealed replacement parts for CATERPILLAR® equipment delivered by us means that you are receiving guaranteed, top-quality parts.

The market conditions demand quality parts at economic rates. We are able to suggest and provide the most economic parts and components for varied set of engines and equipment so that our clients needn’t hunt the vast global markets for their needs.

Our trained professionals, who average more than 20 years on the job, closely examine the products we sell. They also test and check them to ensure that what you’re getting is reliable and up to OEM specifications and standards.

We are also focussing now forklift parts that are sourced from TVH, Belgium. If these parts are not good enough for us, we do not sell them to you.

IPD Products


We are authorized dealers in Oman for IPD products, a well known global manufacturing, engineering and distribution company providing quality components for Heavy Duty Equipment mainly Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Engines.